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Marchionne is the trusted choice for Home Insurance in Norwell MA & Personal Liability Insurance in Norwell MA

If you are in search of an insurance agency with the knowledge and experience to identify the most ideal home and personal liability insurance coverage, look no further than the team at Marchionne Insurance. Our team of experts will walk you through the entire process making absolutely certain that you and your family have the proper coverage to protect your home, your possessions, and your loved ones.

For property owners in Norwell MA and the surrounding communities, it’s crucial to have both Home Insurance and Personal Liability Insurance coverage. To secure these complex and essential insurance policies, it’s important to work with an agency that has in-depth industry knowledge plus a detailed understanding of your local community. When you choose to work with Marchionne, you get the best of both worlds!

Our experience covering individuals and families in the area spans more than 65 years. Our well-established relationships with some of the top-rated insurance carriers nationwide give our customers access to the most extensive insurance policies for their needs at very competitive rates. From the city to the coast, you can be confident that Marchionne Insurance has all the options for personal liability and home insurance that are just right for you.

Marchionne Specializes in the Following:

  • Home Insurance in Norwell MA
  • Personal Liability Insurance in Norwell MA
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Coastal Home Coverage
  • Condo Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Water Damage Protection
  • Personal Umbrella Insurance Coverage
  • Personal Excess Liability Coverage
  • Combining Home & Auto Insurance
  • And Much More!

Home Insurance in Norwell MA

Marchionne uses a consultative approach to finding you the ideal home insurance in Norwell MA and the surrounding areas. Our personalized process will leave you confident in your purchase decision, informed about your coverage details, and cared for by a team that always has your best interests in mind. We begin with a one-on-one consultation. Then, based on what we learn about you, your assets, and your home and the people who live there, we will identify variety of insurance options that meet your specific needs and budget.

With over sixty-five years of experience working with homeowners in Norwell MA and the surrounding areas, you can be confident that the Marchionne team will go the extra mile when it comes to identifying standard and additional coverage options and available savings or discounts. For instance, it’s possible we may recommend a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy to provide you with extra liability coverage if you happen to be at increased risk of a lawsuit. Or, we may suggest a Jewelry and Fine Arts Rider if you own very high value jewelry or other items that would be difficult to replace in the event of robbery, fire, or other peril. When it comes to securing you the most comprehensive home insurance in Norwell MA look no further than Marchionne to meet your needs.

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    Home Insurance in Norwell MA

    We understand that your home may be the largest investment you make. Regardless of whether you live on the coast, in the city or the suburbs, our dedicated team will build a coverage plan to fit your individual needs and ensure your property is safeguarded by the best home insurance policy.

    Learn more about home insurance in Norwell MA and be sure to request a free consultation for your home insurance needs today!

    Personal Liability Insurance in Norwell MA

    A Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy could be additional coverage that you want to consider if, as described above, you feel as though you are vulnerable to a lawsuit. Wondering what could put you at an increased risk of being sued? It probably won’t surprise you that the more assets you have, the more at risk you are. In addition, there are several things that may increase your exposure including:

    • A swimming pool, trampoline or hot tub
    • A boat
    • An RV or motorcycle
    • Vacation property
    • Household staff
    • A dog
    • A teenager

    Even if you’re confident you do not have the level of wealth or enough personal assets to expose you to a lawsuit, it may still be a smart idea to discuss a personal liability policy with your local Marchionne agent. None of us, no matter what our lifestyle, are safe from being sued for bodily injury or property damage in the case of an accident. In case of legal action against you, the monetary limits of both your personal auto insurance policy and the personal liability coverage in your homeowners policy can be maxed out very quickly leaving you to pay thousands of dollars in fees to lawyers, hospitals, and claimants. Or, you can spend as little as $20/month to have the security of personal liability insurance in Norwell MA.

    Personal Liability Insurance in Norwell MA

    Our team at Marchionne will undoubtedly be happy to consult with you on the value of personal liability insurance in Norwell MA and offer crucial guidance on the best coverage to protect your family and your home.

    Learn more about personal liability insurance in Norwell MA and request a free quote for your personal umbrella insurance needs today!

    Why Choose Marchionne

    Our goal at Marchionne is to put the “personal” back in the process of finding insurance. How do we do this? Whether we’re providing you with a consultation for a new home insurance or personal umbrella insurance policy, or assessing and updating your present coverage, we aim to make every interaction very personal and specific to the needs of you and your family. We are confident once you experience the level of service we provide, that you will not only be 100% satisfied with your insurance quote, but also with the level of professionalism, reliability and knowledge our team provides to you. Our family truly cares about you and is dedicated to finding the best personal liability and home insurance coverage to keep you and your household protected. As a family-run and operated business for over sixty-five years, we have made a commitment to all of our clients to take their safety seriously and look after them as if they were a member of our own family. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and insight with you!

    Affordable Insurance That Will Meet Your Needs

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