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Like most New Englanders, we at Marchionne Insurance feel very fortunate that we live in an area of the country that experiences four very distinct, and enjoyable, seasons throughout the year.

Whether the time of year is turning from Fall to Winter, Winter to Spring, or Summer to Fall, the arrival of a new season brings new colors, light, air, wardrobes, and outdoor and indoor activities. Of course, here in Massachusetts, the change in season also means that it’s time to transition from cheering on one New England championship sports team to supporting another on their way to winning it all!

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However, for knowledgeable and experienced insurance professionals, like our team at Marchionne, the onset of a new season in Massachusetts also signals us that we should be preparing our clients for a whole new set of weather patterns that can significantly impact their homes and property.

Whether it’s the wicked nor’easters of winter, the constant rains that accompany spring, the hurricanes and tropical storms that summer can bring, or the high winds of a brisk New England fall, our area’s unique variety of weather elements can quickly lead to a flood catastrophe. And while these types of weather systems can wreak havoc anywhere, they can be particularly bothersome for individuals and families living in the communities Marchionne Insurance serves south of Boston, which are surrounded by all sorts of bodies of water, including the Atlantic Ocean and countless ponds, bogs, rivers, brooks and marshes.

If your home is in the South Shore, then you’re probably well-aware that being surrounded by all this water makes flooding a constant threat. Throughout all four seasons, storms, especially at high tide, can cause sea walls to break, waves to crash into the streets, neighborhoods to turn into lakes, and roads to be closed. A flood truly can occur anywhere, anytime, without much warning and, as we’ve seen from the devastating impact of flood waters across the U.S. in the past decade, these events can cause billions of dollars in damages.

Massive flooding in any area is a terrible tragedy in itself, but it can quickly be followed by a second disaster if affected people have not been carrying the proper flood insurance on their homes. Your standard home insurance policy is not going to cover damage due to flooding and, while it is true that in a major flood event, like the one just experienced in Houston, the federal government may provide some aid to your community to rebuild, this is generally a very limited amount per homeowner and is not meant to bring your home back to pre-flood event conditions.

There is, however, an important action you can take to better safeguard yourself, your loved ones, and your home and property against something as unexpected as a flood; work with the insurance professionals at Marchionne to prepare for a flood emergency with the right flood insurance, which provides coverage for:

  • Personal belongings, such as clothing, furniture and electronic equipment
  • Damage to walls, floors, and fixtures
  • Curtains
  • Portable and window air conditioners
  • Portable microwave ovens and portable dishwashers
  • Carpets that are not included in building coverage
  • Clothing washers and dryers
  • Food freezers and the food in them
  • Certain valuable items such as original artwork and furs (up to $2,500)
  • And more

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    Our knowledgeable team has helped generations of clients like you find affordable flood insurance solutions. We will gladly guide you through the entire process, including understanding flood maps, assessing your home’s flood risk, and ensuring you have comprehensive flood coverage to protect your house, condo or apartment and the contents inside. At Marchionne Insurance, we are skilled at making what can sometimes be a complex and overwhelming decision as easy and pleasant as possible.

    We are confident once you experience the level of service we provide, that you will be 100% satisfied with not only your insurance quote, but also with the level of professionalism, reliability and knowledge our team provides you with. Please contact us for help understanding your level of risk and determining your needs for flood insurance in Quincy, MA, the South Shore, and the Greater Boston area. Whether we’re providing you with a quote for a new flood insurance policy, or evaluating and updating your present coverage, we will put your safety above all else and take care of you and your family like you were part of our own Marchionne family.

    Five Fast Facts About Flooding from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

    The team at Marchionne Insurance is here to assist you with all your flood insurance needs, questions and concerns whenever you are ready. However, we know that contacting us to renew or purchase a flood insurance policy might not be your first priority right now, especially if your area hasn’t experienced any issues in a while. But, if you haven’t spoken to an agent about flood insurance in the past year, we feel strongly that a discussion may be long overdue. Here are five facts about flooding that might motivate you to contact us about this important coverage sooner than later.

    Fact 1: Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States, affecting every region and state, including ours.

    Fact 2: The damage from just one inch of water can cost more than $20,000. Flood insurance can be the difference between recovering from this tragedy or being financially devastated by it.

    Fact 3: Storms are not the only cause of floods. Flooding can be caused by dams or levees breaking, new construction that changes how water flows above and below ground, snowmelt, beaver dams, fire hydrant main breaks, and much more.

    Fact 4: If you allow your flood insurance policy to lapse for either more than 90 days, or twice for any number of days, you may no longer be eligible for policy rate discounts you might have been receiving prior to the policy lapse. It’s very important to talk with your Marchionne Insurance agent before canceling or not renewing your policy.

    Fact 5: Flood mapping is an ongoing process. Just a few years ago, changes were made in Duxbury, MA and surrounding towns that added thousands of South Shore properties to the flood plain, subsequently raising insurance rates. To understand how recent or upcoming map changes may impact your primary residence, coastal home or vacation property, partner with a local agent like Marchionne who will keep you informed.

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